Providing Practical Resources for Today’s Church Environments

Why Church Security?

Church Security – almost an oxymoron.  A church is an institution that welcomes all comers, reaching out to touch the masses.  Security, on the other hand, attempts to identify and exclude those that would harm, scam or take advantage of others.  Security entails constant monitoring, establishing boundaries, evaluating behavior and taking steps to exclude exceptions.


Church Security Resources (CSR) was established to provide training, news links, resource gathering to assist ministries in the securing of staff, members and guests.  The internet is bottomless pit of tools, instruction and material, CSR will post, point and provide samples of those resources.  Many of those resources can be accessed on a request basis, providing training in such subjects as Incident Command System (ICS), Disaster Recovery, First Aid and others.


CSR will partner with your ministry to provide customized training for staff, volunteers and members.  Subjects range from Security Operations Overview to Human Behavior Observation, including Pastoral Protection, Service Monitoring, Threat Assessment, etc.  Through dynamic, multimedia presentation, with a emphasis on interactive instruction, instructor will lead your team members to a deeper understanding of their roles and the most productive methods to accomplish their tasks.


No security plan is complete without testing…an untested plan, is an incomplete plan. CSR recommends that all churches periodically conduct “table top” exercises, testing aspects of their plan in a real time, practical exercise.


Based on years of experience, CSR is in existence to share information to support your growing ministry.  Your security team is a secondary, behind the scenes ministry that exists to support your church’s mission statement.

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